NTT #27 - It's Over!

Another glorious Name That Tune has come to a close.

The theme was: Hit songs, odd years, 1955-1993, in order.

It was a very strong showing all around. Several songs were named by everybody, and all songs were named by somebody. Look and see for yourself!

Feel free to double-check my tally.

And that means the winner is...

Cris (without an H)


8 thoughts on “NTT #27 - It's Over!

  1. Slim Pickens

    I’m new here, that was fun. Everybody got the Doors, Beatles, and Madonna. I was wondering how many that missed the first one guessed the Stray Cats. That was my original guess, until I discovered they were chronological.

    The Stroke and Wicked Game both drove me bonkers for two days, I instantly knew the tunes, but they were just out of reach. It also took two days to sort out the Ramones, the Beach Boys kept getting in the way for some weird reason. I could sit here the rest of the year and I still would not have come up with the one I missed.

    1. cleek Post author

      my wife / play-tester also had the Ramones / Beach Boys confusion.

      i was happy to see so many people get the Ramones but not the song – confirms my opinion that the Ramones only had two songs (and one was a cover of a bad 60’s love song).

  2. Jewish Steel

    Ah, I haven’t thought of that Olivia Neutron Bomb song in years. I recognized it but it was buried too deep.

    Great quiz!

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