Walk Score

Walk Score will tell you how walkable your neighborhood is. Mine is a 26 / 100 (bad). But even that's too high, since:

  • it apparently calculates distance as-the-crow-flies, not as the streets go.
  • the bookstore it says is 1 mile away is actually more like 2mi away and it's a Mormon bookstore.
  • the clothing store it says is 1 mile away is a home-based embroidery shop.
  • the closest bar is 1.2mi, as the crow flies (more like 2.2mi on roads). But, there is a bar 1.2mi away - but who's walking 1.2mi to go to a bar?
  • the movie theater might be 1.2mi away, if I had a zeppelin. But it's more like 3mi on roads. And not a single one of those roads has a sidewalk. Half of them are unlit no-shoulder country roads.

Nice try.

3 thoughts on “Walk Score

  1. Mark

    Awesome. Yeah. My neighborhood in Brooklyn racks up a 92.

    My old house in Queensbury, on Finch Rd, scores a 2.

  2. dbati

    my house is a 54, but that isn’t right as my yoga studio is shown as .58 miles away, while it is really something like 5.8 miles away (or more).

    I did, however, find a bagel store that I didn’t know existed, so that’s nice.

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