Have a drink on me

The water from our well woke up in a bad mood. 

Actually... I broke the water. I've been trying to get some grass seed growing, so I've been watering. And I accidentally ran the well (mostly) dry. No idea how long it will take to refill and get all the sediment settled. This house is cursed.

3 thoughts on “Have a drink on me

  1. HinTN

    We have a 3 gallon per minute well. It’s fine for household use but it can be exhausted and create that silt situation in your glass. It WILL recover. It is OK. Just don’t do it again, although I have over and over and it does recover.

  2. HinTN

    A standard sprinkler should not deplete a home well. Three gallons per minute should run a sprinkler forever…

    1. cleek Post author

      well guy says we have 4 G/M. he was not under oath…

      i ran it for maybe 2 hours yesterday AM while i was doing other yardwork. and when i came in to take a shower… brown water.

      we have had a long spell without much rain. but the well is 300ft deep so i wouldn’t think rain would be much of a factor.

      but, what do i know… nobody ever told me turning on a hose was a dangerous proposition.

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