3 thoughts on “Jet Lag

  1. Mike Mundy

    “Just do it,” our friend Dan says. Flying west to Japan the adjustment seemed to go fairly smoothly. Of course we came from California. Still, we were getting up at insane hours for a few days.

    Coming back was more difficult with sleep disruptions, etc.

    1. cleek Post author

      NC -> NYC -> Japan was tough.

      now we’re gonna do NC -> NYC -> Japan -> Bangkok

      i think it’s like 85 days of air travel

  2. platosearwax

    I’m late for this but whatever. Going west is not so bad, though 11 time zones is rough. The only thing you can really do is immediately do things at the time you should for your new time. So stay up until a regular time to go to bed, no matter how tired you are. We always have it worse coming back east unless you can sleep on the plane, which I cannot. If you can’t sleep your day gets all spun around and usually you have been awake for 24+ hours and land in the middle of the day. And then your body doesn’t want to sleep until 6am or even later so it takes days to adjust.

    Good luck! The pictures from Thailand look fab so far.

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