This AM we had some landscaping put in: trees, shrubs, etc..

Mrs just now IM'd to tell me that the house wifi wasn't working. I asked if the cable was working. And the answer was... no.

$10 says the fuckers cut our cable. And probably our neighbor's, too.

The landscapers were supposed to be there at 8:30 this morning. And I was going to show them where the cable was buried. But they were late and I couldn't wait any more, so I left.

There are no caps big enough to express how MOTHERFUCKING DONE WITH OWNING THIS HOUSE I am.


Landscapers say they called the cable co 2x to come and mark the location of the cable, but it never got done.


3 thoughts on “Landscraping

  1. cleek

    and the cable co came out and put in a new temporary cable line for us.

    in the process, they broke our neighbor’s cable.

    it never ends.

  2. cleek


    as soon as the landscapers left, after two days of work, the guy showed up to mark the location of the cable.

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