There's a wingnut on the road

The wingnut has a second sign in his yard!

Canon SD630

Line by line, here we go...

1. "OBAMA HEALTH CARE" There is no "Obama Health Care". There isn't even a plan yet. There are a bunch of competing bills in Congress, written by Congressmen (and their insurance company sugardaddies) that do some of the things Obama said he wanted - none do it all. Obama said he wanted something but left it up to Congress to actually come up with the plan; they haven't yet.

2. "COVERS 12 MILLION ILLEGALS". Obama himself said he didn't want illegals covered, with one exception: children; because they're in schools. But again, what he wants is almost irrelevant at this point, since Congress is writing the plan, not Obama.

3. "GOV'T CHOOSES THE DOCTOR". This is just a lie. And clearly the author of this sign has never heard the phrases "sorry, that doctor is not in our network" or "no, we don't take that insurance anymore."

4. "U & YOUR FAMILY SCREWED". I don't think I trust future predictions from someone who doesn't even understand the present.

14 thoughts on “There's a wingnut on the road

  1. ChrisR

    Well, it’s all spelled correctly if you forgive the txt spk “U”. But I’m guessing this wasn’t written by a teenager.

  2. Ugh

    i have to admit, i’m impressed it’s all spelled correctly.

    Major props for them for the proper use of “your.”

  3. Talleyrand

    These guys won’t ever tell the truth and the media ignore it: universal health care is possible and affordable. The scare tactics are just to make sure Americans remain whipped puppies in the service of Mammon and the Industry. That is why the country still lacks proper labor laws.

  4. gbear

    Is there a neighbor down the road that can put up a sign that says “Caution: Ignorant lies ahead, 300 feet” without getting assaulted or shot?

  5. Woody

    And they never even got around to abortion, which is the real deal-killer, because a bill that contains provisions for “sponsored” abortions is doa, but a bill without if excludes one of the biggest health concerns of a little more than on half of the population, and cannot be called a truly ‘general’ health reform bill without it.

  6. Blue

    A nutter to be sure but as even a stopped clock is correct twice a day – I think he (or she) have #4 correct. There are two major components that should be addressed in any real health care reform and neither are in the current mess they’re calling ‘reform’. One is separation of health care and employment and the other is the elimination of for profit health care insurance entities (and yes, reproductive medical choices would be another essential). You can be sure if anything passes this time it will guarantee that any real reform will be delayed another 2-3 decades.

  7. Muffler

    Facts? Facts? Facts? Why trouble yourself with facts when it’s just plain easier to have someone give you false information that you and your friends can get angry over.

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