8 thoughts on “BOSHAMO-XX

  1. russell

    I used to know a guy in Salem named August. Colorful guy. He would eat no fruit other than Macintosh apples, because that’s what Adam and Eve ate in the garden of Eden. He’d eat the whole damned thing, flesh, core, seeds, and stem.

    He would walk around making little triangles out of drinking straws and hide them around town. He would draw incredibly detailed maps of the different levels of heaven on the back of foil papers from cigarette packs. I used to keep one in my wallet.

    August had this thing about the number eight. His name was the same as the eighth month. He had gotten out of fighting in WWII on a section 8, and section 8 was also paying the rent on his little SRO place around the corner from where I lived.

    August was out of his freaking gourd.

    This guy reminds me of August.

  2. Rob Caldecott

    She must of spent months working on this. How scary is that? You couldn’t make this shit up.

  3. Rob Caldecott

    I was digging around for some quality US satire and noticed that the fantastic whitehouse.org site hasn’t been updated for over a year.

  4. cleek

    i agree. i hope they can come up with something soon… just three days left until i try to stop talking about politics here (and maybe elsewhere)!

  5. Rob Caldecott

    Well, the day is almost here – have a great election America! Anyone placed a bet? Is a Democrat landslide possible?

  6. cleek

    possible, sure. IMO, that depends on all the newly registerd voters (first timers, young people, etc) going out and actually voting – which, historically, they don’t.

    if they do, it’ll be huge. if they don’t, it’ll be a nail-biter.

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