On The Origins Of Species

Back in May, we wrote about a group of gun enthusiasts who love taking pictures of loaded weapons pointed at their dicks. On a long enough timeline, one of them was inevitably going to accidentally discharge their weapon, and on Tuesday, that appears to be exactly what happened to one member in the San Diego area.

A member of a Facebook group dedicated to taking pictures of loaded weapons pointed at dicks finally shot himself in the balls, according to bloody pictures and video he posted on social media and the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office, which confirmed the incident to Motherboard. Rather than step back and start questioning whether the practice is wise, the group made him an administrator and are now celebrating him as their king.

On August 11, a member of the group “Loaded Guns Pointed at [B]enis” posted a video of himself pointing a loaded 1911 handgun at his junk. There’s a brief pause before the gun discharges.

I encourage this behavior.

3 thoughts on “On The Origins Of Species

  1. John Thullen

    ditto. keep up the good work.

    most guns sold in america have a sticker on them that requires their owners to shoot republicans in their testicles, but oddly enough only republicans have carried through with the regulation.

    most people don’t know that.


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