Good News

Went to the hardware store, the grocery store and the booze store. For the first time, everybody was wearing a mask. In fact, all of the stores required them.

Only took three and a half months.

4 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Rob C

    Masks are not required here in England other than on public transport but even that is not really enforced. Mrs C and I were in the local Tesco for our first shop since March last week (we’ve been very lucky with home deliveries until now) and we were pretty much the only ones wearing masks.

    I hear Scotland might insist on masks for all shops and I hope the rest of the UK follows suit. But I sense lockdown fatigue so unless shops are ready to enforce this then only a second wave would make people think twice.

    And pubs are opening here on Saturday. The media have already dubbed it “Super Saturday” ffs. It’s going to be carnage. Social distancing after your 5th pint? Naw. Not going to work.

  2. Rob C

    The saving grace is the county I live in has one of the lowest covid infection rates in the UK. Approximately 500 people out of 500,000 (although that’s positive tests so I guess there’s still plenty of asymptomatic carriers out there.)

    1. cleek Post author

      i’ve stopped looking at the actual numbers. i just keep seeing that one chart that shows how quickly the US squandered all of the progress we’d made up until the beginning of June.

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