So Predictable

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A leader of the ReOpen NC group revealed in a Facebook post that she tested positive for COVID-19.

Audrey Whitlock posted to the ReOpen NC Facebook page early Sunday saying her two-week quarantine was ending. She described herself as an “an asymptomatic COVID19 positive patient.”

“The reality is that modern society has not been able to eradicate contagious viruses. A typical public health quarantine would occur in a medical facility. I have been told not to participate in public or private accommodations as requested by the government, and therefore denied my 1st amendment right of freedom of religion,” Whitlock wrote.

She went on to say: “It has been insinuated by others that if I go out, I could be arrested for denying a quarantine order.”

If she was quarantined in a medical facility vs at home, the impact on her ‘freedom of religion’ would be different because… ?

Also, why did she get tested if she was asymptomatic ?

1 thought on “So Predictable

  1. John Thullen

    Native intelligence, common sense, and…. whatchamacallit …. horse sense can remain asymptomatic from birth to death and all of the darkness in between for some proud types.

    In a prior life, she bestowed funky blankets on the original Americans and then concluded that since she didn’t know she was carrying all them diseases, she might as well steal their land as well while they were down with fever.

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