2 thoughts on “Relaxing Yule Log

  1. John D. Thullen

    Eat yer heart out, Jimi Hendrix!

    I’ve been messing about with this (and others) at Guitar Center lately, thinking I need an upgrade far beyond my skills.


    I have a cheap Washburn and a middling, boxy-sounding Ibanez that i want to use as kindling.

    I feel I need a more expensive guitar to attract and display dust in my apartment.

  2. cleek Post author

    wish they’d put an acoustic in there!

    i was gifted a D28. It’s a pretty amazing guitar – ‘far beyond my skills’ for sure. I like the smaller body and skinny waist of that 000-15M, though. that’s more my style.

    i have an ancient beat-up Ibanez from the late 70s with that shape. and it has a really strange, ‘dead’ tone to it – notes start decaying instantly and the whole thing sounds muted and muffled. and it’s hard to play because the face is warping and lifting the bridge up. but i love that strange sound.

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