The Darkest Meat

NPR goes macabre:

When heated under proper conditions, turkey droppings transform into a form of coal, and serve as a renewable resource. Just think: Someday you might roast your holiday turkey using its own excrement.

[That’s the story teaser on their front page. The actual story doesn’t have that text.]

The Ben-Gurion team isn’t swayed by the yuck factor, though. Their ultimate goal is to try to roast a bird with their homemade hydrochar, and eat if afterwards. “I really hope it’s tasty,” Gross says — and there is a reason to believe so.

Once made, the hydrochar doesn’t emit any stink — it even has a pleasant aroma! “It smells of coffee,” says Mau. “So it would be interesting to see if it the meat roasted on it will also have coffee flavor.”