Not Clever Enough

Morrisville, N.C. — Three people accused of conducting a drug deal at Raleigh-Durham International Airport will still face charges even after it turned out all they were selling was bars of soap.

An RDU spokesperson said Tarvares Hargrave, 43, Jason Anderson, 40, and Luz Orgega, 44, were arrested on drug trafficking charges on Oct. 5 after police believed Anderson and Ortega sold three pounds of cocaine to Hargrave.

The results of a laboratory test on Tuesday showed that what authorities believed to be cocaine was actually 10 bars of Ivory soap that had been wrapped in thick plastic.

Authorities said the trio will still face charges because it is illegal to take part in an exchange that a buyer or seller believes to be a drug deal.

Ortega and Anderson were charged with felony possession with intent to sell and deliver a counterfeit controlled substance and Hargrave was charged with attempted trafficking in cocaine.

It is not clear if Anderson and Ortega knew the packages contained soap instead of drugs.

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