Hark! I hear the battle cry of the Modern Conservative!

Today's enemy within is the left, both at home and across the globe. And they too are little different from the scheming legislator Theron and the vile Ephori, who were willing—even eager—to see all Sparta kneel before Xerxes, just to gain power.

How is the left today any different? Do they not see their own nation, their own people, their own military as the enemy? Do they not seek to withdraw us from the field, to give the enemy the day?

And just as Sparta was the lynchpin that defended all Greece—that great cradle of democracy—is not the United States today the last bastion of freedom defending Western civilization?

But what care the left for Western civilization? They HATE Western civilization. They hate the men and women who defend it. They hate themselves.

But truly, this analogue is only the beginning — for what happened at Thermopylae may fairly be said to be the reason we are all breathing the fresh air of freedom today:
[many long excerpts of dialog from the movie, 300]

It goes on and on and on and on like this, pausing every screen-full or so to change hands.

Now, this is nothing new, really. Far too many wingnut writers love to dress up and indulge themselves in this faux-heroic fapfapfap-tastic posturing; one fist over their heart, the other clutching their plastic broadsword, all the while bellowing like the windiest kings from Lord Of The Rings about the need for good men to stand! and fight! to the very last ounce! of pure! manly! blood!, to stop the impending breach! of the walls which keep the monstrous unclean hordes! from overrunning! our fair city! Anything (except actually enlisting) to save our great land! So it's not like this guy went through the trouble of coming up with his own style or anything - it's just another few verses in standard wingnut cadence and style. But, even still, this one does have some notable bits.

First, the length is impressive. It takes real commitment to stay in character that long. Secondly, extending such a bold and thoroughly silly metaphor to such length shows much more dedication than I could muster; I'd have given up after the first couple of lines - "woah, this is nuts. My readers can't really be this dumb. Right?" But, most importantly, if you can stand to read to the end, you'll see how Barack Osama Saddam Hussein AntiChrist Madrassa Obama has earned himself an 'X' !

All hail the birth of BOSHAMO-X !

Kneel, bitches !

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