Use v Mention

Would you want a private conversation with your spouse recorded and sent to someone you know without your knowledge?

A Cary man says it happened to him, and he’s pointing the finger at his Amazon Echo and its Alexa voice-command system.

Rob Signore reached out to 5 On Your Side after a recent story about the increase in so-called “connected homes.”

“Our insurance agent called me and said, ‘Hey, Rob, I think that Alexa was listening to something and sent me a message that, um, you probably didn’t want me to hear,'” Signore said.

“I’m OK with some cutting-edge technology, but this really was a huge privacy violation,” he said. “It caught a humorous conversation, but it really could have picked up any conversation that we wouldn’t want other people to hear. It just blew my mind that, without knowing that I asked to send it, nor did it verify that I wanted to send it, that it sent the message.”

The only way to disable Alexa’s messaging feature is to call Amazon.

“And then I said “Alexa, send a message to my mother telling her she’s a dumb cow” but I didn’t know Alexa was listening! Oh shit. I did it again.”