Six degrees of Jeremy Northam

We’re re-watching The Tudors (aka. Brit Tits In Dark Bedrooms). The actor who plays Henry VIII, he’s that guy from Velvet Goldmine. The actor playing Cromwell is that guy who played a nobleman in The White Queen. Queen Catherine is the Irish woman from Orphan Black. Hey look, the ambassador is Emperor Charles from Vikings! There’s the king from Reign! There’s Bash from Reign! And that guy was on Vampire Diaries. There’s someone from Game Of Thrones. That guy was on Revenge! And there’s Superman!

What else is on?
A show about a different British royal family: The Crown! Oh look, that actor, Jeremy Northam, was Sir Thomas Moore in The Tudors. And there’s the British guy from Mad Men who hung himself. That guy looks like the Nazi, Smith, from The Man In The High Castle, but it’s not him. But that’s definitely John Lithgow.

What about Victoria? Ah, there’s the guy who actually plays that Nazi from The Man In The High Castle. And that guy played Edward VIII in The Crown – he also played Prince Charles in The Queen. There’s another guy from The White Queen.

Something not royal? Black Mirror! Well, there’s the guy who played Frankenstein™ Model 1 in Penny Dreadful. And there’s that guy who looks like the Nazi, Smith, from The Man In The High Castle, again. And there’s Anne Neville from The White Queen (and ‘The Waif’ from Game Of Thrones). And there’s the Irish woman from Boardwalk Empire. There’s what’s her name from Halt And Catch Fire. There’s young Alan Turing from The Imitation Game. There’s another Game Of Throes person.

Speaking of The Man In The High Castle: there are three people from Battlestar Galactica (all Cylons, no less – one of whom was on Heroes and The Vampire Diaries!). And one from Revenge.

It’s like there are only 20 actors, and 15 of them have played someone in a British period drama at some point.

3 thoughts on “Six degrees of Jeremy Northam

  1. Rob Caldecott

    I know what you mean. Any British actor yet to appear on Game of Thrones must be feeling very left out. It’s nuts how many familiar faces there are on that show.

    Matt Smith (The Crown) played Doctor Who. Jenna Coleman (Victoria) was his companion. They are almost too familiar and it’s hard to see past those old roles. “Oh look it’s the 11th Doctor!” “Oh look, it’s Clara Oswald from Doctor Who!”

    John Lithgow as Churchill. That man is up there with the best: did you see him as The Trinity Killer in Dexter. He was terrific.

    We just binged The Santa Clarita Diet btw. I thought it was very funny (Drew! Barrymore!)

    Hang on… I only spotted two Cylons in TMITHC.

    The Vampire Diaries Cleek? Who knew! My daughter is crazy for that show (and The Originals) but I’ll nothing is going to top the first few seasons of True Blood in my book when it comes to anything with fangs. :)

  2. cleek Post author

    Matt Smith (The Crown) played Doctor Who. Jenna Coleman (Victoria) was his companion.

    heh. that’s awesome.

    Hang on… I only spotted two Cylons in TMITHC

    Leoben, Simon & Col Tigh

    The Vampire Diaries Cleek? Who knew!

    it’s my wife’s fault! actually, most of these are – she’s hooked on the War Of The Roses / Elizabeth I / Tudor stuff.


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