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  1. Woody Peckerwood

    Ireland got a vote. Ireland chose. We don’t get a vote. We get Mullahs.


      1. Woody Peckerwood

        I think it’s fair to point out that the rights of homosexuals to marry was going through the political process…and winning! Only a few states didn’t approve of it when the courts stepped in and halted the process. We saw this same chain of events happen with the abortion issue in the seventies and because the political process was not complete, it has never been a settled issue. Forty-something years later it’s still a festering sore.
        More than likely this will run the same course. It would have been much better for the country to settle both of these issues through the political process.

        1. cleek Post author

          as you probably know, the courts have decided many issues that public opinion wasn’t solid on but has eventually come around to accepting : mixed-race marriage, segregation, prayer in school, Bush v Gore, etc..

          if people are still upset about this in 10 years, they’ll have nobody but themselves to blame. because gay marriage hurts nobody who isn’t a self-righteous self-appointed enforcer of their own selectively-chosen religious views – and those people deserve their self-created high blood pressure.

          1. Woody Peckerwood

            Mr. Cleek,

            I respect your opinion and the opportunity to post to this board.

            That being said, you seem to think that the views of those who disagree with you are somehow illegitimate. I’m not denigrating your opinion as you do to others. I’m simply pointing out that the radicals that pushed this could have had their cake without plunging the country into more and more divisive culture wars for decades on end.
            I’m interested in what’s good for America. This was a poor, poor choice.


            1. cleek Post author

              oh, i have no doubt that their ignorant, fear-based, nonsensical opinions are legitimate. i just don’t think me or anyone else in the country is obligated to live by them.

              the only effect allowing gay marriage will have on most straight people is that they might get invited to a few more weddings in their lifetime.

              1. Woody Peckerwood

                “…their ignorant, fear-based, nonsensical opinions are legitimate”

                Your comment doesn’t make a lick of sense. On one hand you call others who do not hold your opinion “ignorant, fear-based, etc.” and then say their opinions are legitimate.

                What the fuck’s with that??

                Here’s the question for you, Mr. Cleek:
                Can good people simply disagree, or is anyone that doesn’t hold the liberal view just a bad person?

                1. cleek Post author

                  by “legitimate opinion” i mean an opinion that someone actually holds, as opposed to an opinion that person might defend or promote for rhetorical (or other) reasons.

                  a person can legitimately hold ignorant, fear-based, nonsensical opinions. and i don’t necessarily think that makes him or her a bad person. but if those opinions cause that person to promote unjust harm to others, well… that’s when they become bad.

                  in my opinion.

  2. Woody Peckerwood

    move to Ireland, then.

    Hmmmm…..the ol’ “Love it or leave it'” routine? Not too intellectual, but I like it!

    Ain’t you the country singer today!!

    Yee-Hawwww……i’m cleek the cowboy!

    1. joel hanes

      BTW, my compliments on selecting a nym that so accurately reflects your character.

      1. cleek Post author

        it’s probably not surprising that the Twitter account for “Woody Peckerwood” is pretty fantastic.

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