Start Your iPods

On this cold and rainy Monday: random five!

  1. Bramhs – Clarinet Quintet in Bm
  2. Rolling Stones – I’m Alright
  3. Sea And Cake – Hotel Tell
  4. Death Cab.. – Styrofoam Plates
  5. The Cure – Push

No links today, I’m already spending too much time in YouTube with The List. And no descriptions because I have a strict per-week limit on the number of things I’m allowed to say about music. But, you all should feel free to tell us why your selections are awesome/terrible!


3 thoughts on “Start Your iPods

  1. Platosearwax

    Winter vacation here in Norway so I have the whole week off (working as I do in a school).

    1. Sausage – Riddles Are Abound Tonight
    Usual Claypool weirdness, but the video is even more interesting.

    2. They Might Be Giants Featuring Mike Doughty – Your Mom’s Alright
    Pretty much what you would expect from a combination of They Might Be Giants and Soul Coughing.

    3. Stan Ridgway – Desert of Dreams
    Recent song from one of favorites, who I saw recently here in Bergen. Still puts on a good show, even if he is starting to look a little Johnny Cash-ish.

    4. The Secret Machines – First Wave Intact
    I love these guys. Rolling Stone summed them up perfectly: “They take Pink Floyd psychedelia, Led Zeppelin stomp, and The Who-inspired choruses and charge them full of big-rock beats, atmospheric keyboards and all kinds of electronic whooshes.”

    5. Radiohead – National Anthem
    I’ve always loved this song and this live version may be the coolest thing I have ever heard. Sheer genius.

    Party on, Wayne.

  2. Rob Caldecott


    1. PJ Harvey – England
    2. The Black Keys – Stop Stop
    3. Noel Gallagher – AKA … Broken Arrow
    4. R.E.M. – Pretty Persuasion
    5. Franz Ferdinand – Jacqueline


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