Rumor goes in, bounces around a bit, eventually reaches a state of excitation and polarization sufficient to break through the normally impenetrable barrier that separates blogs from the mainstream media. And the result is a searing stream of FALSE that burns everything it touches.

It’s like a LASER, but with nonsense as input and paid hacks as the oscillator. I shall call it the RASH : Rumor Amplification by Stimulation of Hacks.

Pump the propaganda! Pump it!

4 thoughts on “RASH

    1. cleek

      every one i’ve ever bought has ended up dying on me, eventually. i’ve had better luck with Linksys than with Netgear. but, it’s a pretty low bar.

  1. secondlaws

    Gotta have a metastable state in the amplifying medium. That’s the “both sides do it” meme.

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