ObWi Pie Filter

It's puts the pie in the troll's mouth.

Latest update: Jan 14, 2017. Filter version 1.0.1 - change to new GM

If things change over there and it stops working, let me know.

To use this, you’ll need Greasemonkey:

I'm not sure if other browsers have GM support or not. Consult your local geek.

You can download the pie filter, here.

Install it.

Then, whenever you load an article on Obsidian Wings, you will see three buttons under the comment box (usually at the end of the comments): "Add", "Remove" and "Show List". There's also a text box where you will enter the name of the person to be filtered (or to be removed from the filter).

  • Add : To filter a user, enter the user's name in the text box, and click this. From then on, comments from that user, and any other user you've added, will be pie'd.
  • Remove : To remove a user from your list of pie'd users, enter the user's name and click this.
  • Show List : To see the names you currently have in your pie filter, click this.

If GreaseMonkey asks you to grant permission to use GM_setValue, GM_getValue and/or GM_xmlhttpRequest, grant that permission (the script can't do anything without these functions).

Any questions? Ask here.