Liz Phair

I somehow heard Liz Phair was touring, which was pretty incredible. But, even more incredible was that she was playing her entire "Exile In Guyville" album on the tour - 30th anniversary. This is a Big Deal.

She wasn't coming anywhere near Raleigh, so there was going to be travel involved. And since you can't fly anywhere from Raleigh without going through Atlanta first, Atlanta was the obvious choice to see her. Plus, it's only an hour flight.


As advertised , she played all of Exile, in order. It was all very faithful to the originals, though some of the songs got slightly beefier arrangements because she had a full band with her.

It was surreal

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, seeing her do that surreal album.

After that, she played a four-song encore of songs from her other albums ("Supernova", "Polyester Bride", etc).

She sounded great. And I don't think she stopped smiling the whole time.

She's another one I never thought I'd ever get a chance to see - Sunny Day Real Estate, Peter Gabriel, Liz Phair?! Keep em coming.