Gripe Part 2

Speaking of being old and inflexible…

I’ve been a runner for at least 35 years – not a very good one, and not a hard-core dedicated lifestyle runner. But I run several times a week because I like it. But I recently sprained my ankle and now I can’t run because the stupid thing won’t heal. It feels fine and then I go run and it feels fine and then the next day it hurts again.

I didn’t sprain it running, though.

I sprained it sitting in front of the computer.

I have this habit, always have, of sitting on one ankle or the other (when I’m not wearing shoes). It’s never been a problem before, but one day I got up from my chair and my ankle hurt from it.

Is this how the rest of life’s going to go: one day, some trivial thing I’ve casually done all my life is going to cause a major injury ?