Irrational Attraction

I’m not a hunter or a hiker. I don’t ski. I run on roads, not in the woods. But I’m crazy about outdoor gear – the jackets, the clothes, the shoes, the little camp stoves, the insanely-packable tents and chairs, utility knives. I just want to buy it all.


6 thoughts on “Irrational Attraction

  1. Ugh

    My brother and his wife suffer from this.

    Limit yourself to the jackets, clothes, shoes and utility knives as a start. They might prove useful elsewhere.

      1. cleek

        heh. no, what you recommend is what i’ve done so far.

        first excuse i get to buy a bunch of ultra-portable chairs, tho!

  2. p.a.

    Sierra Trading Post has great prices so you can indulge w/o breaking the bank. They were recently purchased by TJMaxx but don’t seem to have been negatively affected.
    Of course, if the prices cause you to buy MORE…

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