Vet confirms that the lump in Tricksey's neck is cancer, and is inoperable.

We have some steroids to maybe help slow it down.

But she's officially running out her clock. And then we'll have to stop it for her.

I'm not ready.

9 thoughts on “Palliative

  1. Jewish Steel

    Ahh! That is bitter news indeed.

    Their little lives are too short. So very sorry to hear this.

  2. HinTN

    Enjoy the time you have left with that beautiful fur ball and send her across the rainbow bridge before it becomes too uncomfortable here. It’s hard to lose our little friends/family. Peace be with you and Tricksey.

  3. Cris (without an H)

    This is so heartbreaking. The last time I truly wept was when I had to euthanize my 13-year Turkish Van cat. I sometimes feel like I used up my emotions for years to come that day.

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