Here's what our water looked like at 7:00PM last night.

Not coincidentally, I'm sure, it's the color of the soil around here.

That's considerably worse than than it's ever looked.

Here's what that same glass looked like at 10:00PM.

6 thoughts on “Precipitation

      1. joel hanes

        your well water is undrinkable, but at least you’re not barefoot and starving and crouched under a bush in Ithilien with orcs, oliphants, and Southrons all about, and Rangers hunting you.

  1. HinTN

    Do you have a 5 micron filter? More importantly, do you have a UV light downstream of that filter? How deep is that damn well? Something is seriously wrong.

    1. cleek Post author

      we have one of those standard string filters in the canister, now. i’ve tried a 10micron (i think) and it clogged up immediately.

      no UV.

      well is 450, 500. pump is at 300ft.

      yes, indeed, something is seriously wrong.

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