Cabinets have been installed!

Most of the countertops are installed!

Some of the appliances are installed!

The floor hasn't been installed but it's in the house and is being acclimated to the temp and humidity of the AC'd house (instead of sitting in the house with the windows open to the summer heat)!

Doors and garage doors, installed!

Money, gone!

And the lottery still refuses to work out for us.

10 thoughts on “Cabinetry

    1. cleek Post author

      that was only like $50. wouldn’t even buy a ceiling light. :)

      wouldn’t even touch the five-figures we owe the builder. :(

  1. p.a.

    Marble countertops?! Malkin! Calling Malkin! Is she even a D-list winger now? Working from a Russian url yet?

    1. cleek Post author


      marble is prone to staining and etching (like, lemon juice will eat it).

      granite is tougher…. and cheaper :)

      Malkin can come over any time she wants. our neighbors have big dogs and big guns.

  2. dbati

    That’s a snappy tool bag on the counter there, you must have a fabulous carpenter! Congrats on the cabinets!

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