Nearly Floored

This week, the floor goes down.

And here's an infinite number of oak planks, stacked in the kitchen.


There's another pile, slightly larger than this one, in the dining room.

(Update: see that window opened right in back of the wood pile? don't do that! you don't acclimate floor material to the outside!)

Many weeks ago, we chose interior doors. Last week, the door guy said the doors we chose don't come in the height we need. So, we picked new doors.

Still no granite.

Current house had four showings last week, with two for the same person. Turns out, that this person is a neighbor who says she wants to stay in the same neighborhood but wants a bigger house. OK. So, she did her two viewings and her realtor started making noises about a "contingent" offer - that's where the buyer makes an offer, but the offer only holds if she sells her current house within X days. If we accept the contingent offer, we can't accept another offer for those X days. So it's risky for us. No offer has been made, contingent or not, so it's hypothetical right now. Plus, this person did the same thing with our neighbor across the street - two showings, talk of a contingent offer, then, nothing.

We got positive feedback from the other two showings, though they probably won't lead to offers.

9 thoughts on “Nearly Floored

  1. Rob Caldecott

    In other words your neighbour just wants to sniff around your house and check out your stuff. Nosy cow! :)

  2. cleek

    Granite! We finally got a price on granite! After nearly four weeks, the fabricator sent us the estimate for the lowest-priced of the four granites we were interested in. And … it exceeds our allowance by 10%. Even sticking with the cheapest of the “level 1” stones, we’re going to have to pay extra.

    So, as usual, the builder underestimated the cost. And on this one, we have to eat the difference.

    1. cleek

      oh shit… the granite saga just keeps getting better…

      yesterday, Mrs. drove out to the fabricator’s own stoneyard, to see if they had anything we liked and could afford.

      while there, she noticed that they had some slabs of the granite for which we had just received a quote (the least expensive stuff). and these weren’t just some slabs of the same kind of stone, these were the exact slabs we saw at someone else’s stone yard, a month ago. she asked about them and was told that, after we had requested a quote for them, the fabricator had bought the entire stock of that stone from the other stone yard, then bumped it from a “level one” to a “level three”. the cheapest stuff we looked at just jumped to well out of our price range, simply by changing hands. they said they’d honor the quote they gave us, if we wanted it. we don’t.

      so, granite pricing is … arbitrary.

    1. cleek

      i like it. and we have some here at work that i really like, so i suggested it… but i was outvoted.

      it’s also a little more expensive than granite, right now. for whatever reason.

  3. Rob Caldecott

    Just man up, buy the cheapest Formica you can find and spend the savings on a new guitar. You are going to have a music/”man cave” in the new place right?

    1. cleek

      there is an entire room, half the size of our first apartment, that we don’t have any plans for right now. it’s big, and above the garage. i think it will be ideal for guitar-based adventures.

      on the granite front: Mrs. reports this afternoon that she has selected some slabs, in a price that fits. today could be the last day i whine about it !

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