May 30, 2015. Initial garage framing complete.


March 2, 2016, starting to raise the garage floor level.


April 2. Garage and driveway level raised close to six feet. Garage floor slab is in place.


Entire area around garage has been backfilled. That band of rocks goes almost entirely around the back of the house, to keep the garage back fill in place. Place to put a boat, on the side! (yeah right)


Also, we're going with a gravel driveway. Having it done in concrete would cost close to $20K.

Holy crap.

7 thoughts on “Garage

    1. cleek Post author

      that’s what i said! crazy.

      edit: i double-checked the estimate. and i was wrong! it’s much lower than that. we’re still skipping it, for now.

  1. joel hanes

    Gravel driveways work fine. For a while.

    They had to re-header the garage doors. Holy crap.

  2. HinTN

    Thank FSM the original contractor framed it do that the roof line matched. Looks good!!!

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