Graveyard of Dumptrucks

Builder says there are now 130 tons of gravel in the garage. Wow.

And, a dump truck tipped over while bringing in fill dirt for the side of the garage. They had to bring in a crane to pull it out.

And, they had to bring in another crane to pull one of the builder's vehicles out of the mud in back of the house.

Future neighbors down the road have found ancient native American artifacts on their land (pottery, tools, etc.). I'm starting to wonder if that was the reception hall and our lot is the actual graveyard.

Last year, when we found out about the first builder stealing all our money, I wrote this:

If the house isn’t done enough for us to close on by the end of the year, we’re going to be fucked by taxes.

I wrote that because, last year, we funded what was to be solar power and geothermal heat & AC by taking money out of an IRA that my wife inherited from her father. And taking money out of an IRA means you pay income taxes on what you take out. But that was going to be OK. Installing the solar and geothermal stuff would have generated, in addition to plenty of happy clean power, plenty of tax credits for us: enough to offset all the taxes due from taking the money out of the IRA! We planned that shit! Like, thought it through and everything. But, when the builder crapped out ... no solar or geo. And that money vanished. The taxes, however, didn't.

So : fucked by taxes.

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