One step forward, one step back

Seven months ago I had a recurrence of plantar fasciitis in my right foot. So, I stopped running. I tried stretching, not stretching, massage, wearing sneakers indoors, everything I could think of.

I bought a compression sock which squeezes the arch at night; it helped a lot, after the first night. The second morning, I woke up and my Achilles tendon started aching. Then it started burning. Then it turned into a blinding, searing, mind-bending pain that lasted two or three minutes. I assume it had cut off the circulation to my foot, and I was feeling all the blood returning and the nerves snapping back on.

Then I bought some orthopedic sandals to wear around the house. But I'm not used to wearing sandals that don't have a heel strap. So, that made walking in them kindof strange. So strange that I strained a muscle or tendon or something in my right big toe. So now I have to walk on the outside of my right foot because any pressure at all on the big toe hurts enough to take my breath away.

But, walking on the outside of my foot for a month has helped the plantar fasciitis!

Intelligent designer, my ass.

4 thoughts on “One step forward, one step back

  1. Jewish Steel

    If it comes back, and mine does, arch support inserts in your shoes plus morning and evening doses of ibuprofen. Worked for me, worked for my mother.

    1. cleek Post author

      i worry about the interaction between ibuprofen (and friends) and the delicious adult beverages i enjoy.

      1. Jewish Steel

        I treated a herniated disc for two years with booze and massive doses of ibuprofen. I worry that did me no good.

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