Remember: The Government Never Created A Single Job

Multiple governors, including those in Utah, South Dakota, Arizona and Colorado have written to the Obama administration asking permission to reopen parks, citing economic needs.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (R) said that the tourism industry in his state is hurting as a result of national park closures, according to the AP.

"The current federally mandated closure is decimating the bottom line of bed-and-breakfast business owners and operators in Torrey (Utah), outfitters at Bryce Canyon City and restaurant owners in Moab," Herbert wrote in a letter to President Barack Obama.

3 thoughts on “Remember: The Government Never Created A Single Job

  1. Jewish Steel

    If any of the above governors stumped for/with Romney, a picture of them doing so would be my reply.

    One reason among many I am not president.

  2. Cris (without an H)

    “The Government Never Created A Single Job” is one of those Republican talking points I just can’t let go. It is so patently false, and can be rebutted from any number of attack angles, and yet they keep saying it. And not just fringe wackos, either: mainstream wackos, including Mitt Romney and Michael Steele, perpetuated this obvious nonsense.

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