Eight weeks after we moved in, we have a street sign! The temporary posterboard sign Mrs. made lo these many months ago was starting to get a little saggy, but could've gone another month or so, I imagine.

Developer says we should have cable in the next "two or three weeks". I will believe it when I see it. We have only a single season of The Sopranos left, and I doubt it will last us more than a week. It's been a long time since we last watched the whole series, and I'm surprised at how vile Tony comes across, and how horrible Janet is, and how spoiled the kids are, and how much of a role Johnny Sack has, and how 1990s the whole thing feels. I'm also surprised at how little I remember of the later seasons. It seems like everything I remember happened in the first two seasons. All this season five stuff (the Buscemi season) is unfamiliar. We'll probably have to buy the BSG box set to get us through the interim.

I haven't washed my car since we've been in this house because our road is completely covered in mud, all the time, because of the constant construction on neighboring lots. Got new tires today and they look ridiculous on my muddy little car.

Old house got four showings this last weekend, and there's another one today. Still no buyers. We're debating if we should paint the interior or not. The old paint looks a little beat up - nail holes, fading, ugly patch jobs, etc.. Tough call. $2K is a lot of money for paint that will likely just get painted-over by the next owners. Seems like a waste.

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  1. cleek

    we went ahead and did the painting because the realtor found someone who would do it for like $800 (including the paint). hopefully that will be enough to get us a fucking buyer.

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