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  1. Rob Caldecott

    I’ve always fancied a Telecaster – never played one though – they look lightweight and I get the impression they’re the sort of guitar that you can thrash around without it complaining.

    I had a Strat copy once but never got on with it – probably because it was a cheap … it always went out of tune when using the whammy bar.

    Over the years I’ve owned:

    1. A Gibson Marauder – my first guitar. It was a right mess when I got it and I spent a small fortune having it refurbed. However, the pickups were terrible and I was never happy with the sound. I sold it on eBay a few years ago and then regretted it as it’s quite rare to see one now, especially in good condition.

    2. A cream Strat copy. See above.

    3. An Epiphone Les Paul Junior. Lighter than a Les Paul and a lot of fun. Can’t recall why I sold it!

    4. An Epiphone Les Paul classic. I loved it but coveted a real Les Paul.

    5. Gibson Les Paul Custom. Black, gold hardware, cream binding and action so low you could fret the strings by blowing on them. Just thinking about it makes me salivate.

    6. A blonde Epiphone Casino. Awesome to look at but really hard to play because the action was very high and it couldn’t be lowered much. When played by a decent guitarist it sounded fantastic but I just found it frustrating.

    7. Rickenbacker 330 6. Slurp. Not to everyone’s taste though and it could be a pain to get setup right. That tinny sound is both a blessing and a curse.

    I’m thinking about a new electric guitar – either another Epiphone Les Paul copy (gone are the days when I could afford a real one) or just perhaps a Telecaster of some description, though I’m not sure how much a real one goes for or if anyone makes a decent copy.

    The problem is getting the time to play – in the evenings would be great but we only have a small 3 bedroom house and unless I play with headphones on I’d be waking both my kids and the neighbours. Sigh.

    I’m about due my mid-life crisis and a new guitar has got to be better then a mistress or a f*cking Harley Davidson. :)

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