How golf explains Donald Trump

Commander In Cheat:

Sean Illing
Trump claims to have won at least 20 club championships at his golf courses. What is a club championship? And how many of those has he actually won?

Rick Reilly
Once a year, every country club has a club championship for the best players. It lasts two or three days, and it’s a big thing if you win it. The best player I know of at this level won eight of these club championships — that’s the most I’ve ever heard of.

Trump’s going around telling people he has won 20. But that’s 100 percent a lie. I actually played with him once, and he told me how he does it: Whenever he opens a new golf course, because he owns 14 and operates another five, he plays the first club champion by himself and declares that the club championship and puts his name on the wall.

But it’s usually just him and Melania in the cart and nobody else. He just makes it up.

It gets worse from there.

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  1. John D. Thullen

    If Presidential Medal of Honor winner Tiger Woods tried that shit at Augusta, the course management would reinstate their traditional segregation policies.

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