... on a lovely night, near the lake at the lovely Koka Booth Ampitheatre, in Cary, NC.


Canon SD630

You weren't there, so you missed a great show.

Canon SD630

They played all of your favorite Wilco songs.

They played my least favorite Wilco song: "Spiders (Kidsmoke)". I'm sure you skip it, too.

But, it was better live than on the record.

Canon SD630

And they played a bunch you'd never heard (because you don't have all their albums). And they played one nobody had heard, because it was new.

Canon SD630

They even played one from Mermaid Avenue, that collection of lost Woodie Guthrie songs they did with Billy Bragg, way back in 98.

Canon SD630

What a shame you missed it.

9 thoughts on “Wilco

  1. dbati

    Wow, great pics.

    Spiders (Kidsmoke) is my favorite Wilco song, really. I never really bought in on the Americana sound, and when “A Ghost Is Born” came out, I streamed it endlessly from their website (prior to buying it). I fell in love with that song.

    Strange, but true.

  2. cleek

    i have to admit, Spiders is growing on me after seeing it live. it’s still on my Skip list, but i’ve seen something in it to like, and started giving it a chance :)

    and now that i’ve taken the 5 seconds to look at the track list for AGIB, i’m pretty sure Less Than You Think is my least least least least favorite.

    still, my favorite Wilco sound is the one they’re doing on Sky Blue Sky… like if Ira Kaplan played for the Eagles.

  3. Ted in Durham

    I was there; great show… Remember the Mountain Bed, Impossible Germany, Radio Cure, and the ones they play every show.

    You can find a bootleg of the show online already through wilcobase; I’ve got a copy (flac file, sounds great) if you want one.

  4. albert

    Wilco is stinks and is hokey pokey music. I’m glad I wasn’t there, it would have bored me to death.

  5. cleek

    i put my left foot in, i took my left foot out.
    i put my right foot in, i took my right foot out.

    they did a 45 minute version of the hokey pokey. and then a 20 minute chicken dance for their final encore.

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