Bank Shot

Here’s some fresh new bullshit (which John McCain has apparently been huffing) that attempts to take the Russia hacking of our election and blame/implicate/smear Democrats for/in/with it!

However it is time to talk about the obvious:

  1. Hillary in her emails and the DNC emails thought that Trump was the weakest candidate
  2. Obama was supporting Hillary where he could.
  3. If Russia was hacking the Primaries and Obama was deciding to not talk about that then it would help Trump which in their view would help Hillary.

So, the ‘thinking’ goes: Obama the dastardly wizard knew the sneaky Russians were diddling in the primaries in order to help Trump but rather than stop it (with magic?), he let it continue! Why? Because everybody thought Trump would be Clinton’s easiest opponent in the general. Thus, because of this scheming, the Democrats are actually to blame for continued Russian meddling, and for Trump’s win!

I applaud the creativity.

3 thoughts on “Bank Shot

  1. HinTN

    Really, a Kline Bottle is easier to follow than that logic. Unless, of course, your going in position is party before country.

    /Silly me

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