The Atlas of Creation

Oy… The Atlas Of Creation:

Darwin’s claims were of course based on no scientific evidence or findings. But since the scientific understanding and technological means available at the time were at a fairly primitive level, the full extent of the ridiculous and unrealistic nature of his assertions did not emerge fully into the light of day. In such a climate, Darwin’s scenarios received general acceptance from a wide number of circles.

The foundation of Darwin’s theory of evolution was materialism. Therefore, it didn’t take long for his theory to be adopted by materialists. Since materialist circles denied the fact of creation, they blindly grasped at the theory of evolution, and even declared that it was supposedly the scientific basis of their own world views.

By carrying out a great deal of research and investigation, and by establishing artificial environments in laboratories, they sought to come up with findings that would corroborate Darwin’s theory. However, every piece of research and every new finding they obtained, only constituted evidence that refuted evolution rather than confirming it. Science and technology had made rapid progress since the beginning of the 20th century, and refuted the theory of evolution. All the branches of science concerned with the subject–such as microbiology, biomathematics, cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, anatomy, physiology, anthropology and paleontology- -revealed countless proofs that totally undermined the theory of evolution.

The fossil record is perhaps the most important evidence that demolishes the theory of evolution’s claims. Fossils reveal that life forms on Earth have never undergone even the slightest change and have never developed into one another. Examining the fossil record, we see that living things are exactly the same today as they were hundreds of millions of years ago—in other words, that they never underwent evolution. Even during the most ancient periods, life forms emerged suddenly with all their complex structures–with the perfect and superior features, just as do their counterparts today.

That’s the introduction to Volume 1. There are at least two other volumes described, though they don’t seem to be available for purchase. Here’s a bit from Vol III:

Until recently, no one had the courage to unmask this ruse of satan’s and to publicize the true facts. But in the present century, the response to this deception has finally been laid out in full detail, and the public has been made fully aware of the state of affairs. By the will of God, the collapse of Darwinism has advanced beyond any point of recovery. Indeed, that is the fundamental reason for the panic in the Darwinian global empire.

How does someone who honestly believes there’s some kind of global conspiracy to push evolution onto the masses manage to make enough money to put out a book like that? Shouldn’t wild-eyed barking insanity make it difficult for a person to come up with the money needed to self-publish a 750+ page full-color book ? Well, I suppose the money could’ve been inherited – but that just makes the case for the Estate Tax. And not just one book, either – the guy’s got dozens! (also check out the nifty rip-off of Amazon’s site, even the graphics!)

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3 thoughts on “The Atlas of Creation

  1. Matt B

    I have this book! From what I heard, big oil funded it, and the publisher sent it free to a bunch of evolutionary scientists – I got it from someone who was given two of them. Beautiful pics but horribly innaccurate – some of the “species” they compare to show no change between a fossil and the recent animal aren’t even the same creature! Don’t get me too fired-up…

  2. cleek

    a scientist who’s afraid of the sinister power of the Global Evolution Cabal, that’s who!

    you have a copy! ooh that’s cool. you’ll have to bring it over sometime. i’d love to look upon it.

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