5 thoughts on “Monday Cat Blogging

  1. cleek Post author

    they’re fine now. we did a few days where they could only interact through a crack in the door (as in the pic) – just enough to get a paw through, to try to smack the other cat. then Saturday they met for real. there was a lot of hissing and swatting Saturday. now they seem to like each other… though Pepper has too much energy for Trix, and is always trying to start something.

  2. kathleenmaher

    Great photo. Can’t believe this blog is new to me; it’s so fun and funny and smart. But that’s what blue girl’s like and she led me here. I’ll be back and probably irritate you a lot more than blue girl possibly could when she says, gorgeous shot. Or, so good. And worries that it sounds boring, as if anyone can hear “Sweet.” “Nice.” “Love it.” or, “You did it perfectly,” enough.
    She really thinks people get tired of comments like that. I’ll have to be careful how compliment her.

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