Name That Tune #24 – Results


Name That Tune #24 is done!

Congratulations to our winner, platosearwax!

Here are the results and answers!

iFrames are cool!

Rock On!

3 thoughts on “Name That Tune #24 – Results

  1. platosearwax

    Woo Hoo! I had Led Zep and Hendrix on my spreadsheet but didn’t write them down here. And I swore that was the Beatles with the Kansas City song but no matter how many times I listened to it I couldn’t hear the same thing as the clip. I should have just guessed it anyway.

    I would have never gotten Moby Grape or Neville Brothers as I have nothing by either band. The rest of these songs I own in one format or another.

  2. Dr. Squid

    Listening back, I’m irritated I didn’t get OutKast. Same thing with #7 – I knew that was Paul, but I left it alone.

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