Start Your iPods

Shuffle. List five. Describe. Pick your favorite.

  1. Minor Threat – Minor Threat. Whew. An adolescent kick in the neck to start the week. 90 seconds.
  2. Pixies – Is She Weird. This song sounds like Pixies-by-the-numbers.
  3. Bob Dylan – Visions Of Johanna (live). This is my favorite Dylan song. Though it’s long, and contains a harmonica (an instrument that typically makes my skin crawl), the lyrics are Dylan’s best.
  4. Beatles – Hello Goodbye. This song just screams “PAUL!” Link is to the Magical Mystery Tour video. Ringo is playing a tiny kit, with the drums drums at knee-level. John looks completely bored. And then there’s a wacky 60’s dance party at the end.
  5. Charles Mingus – Self-portrait in Three Colors. Nice, mellow, concise.

I choose Dylan.

3 thoughts on “Start Your iPods

  1. Cris

    I actually sat through a whole YouTube ad (which got served up before the Pixies) because I was curious about the product. The ad ended with a guy transforming into a mass of exploding chocolate milk. Bizarre.

  2. platosearwax

    1. The Beatles – Across the Universe
    Much better than Hello Goodbye, but that goes without saying as I tend to prefer John’s songs over Paul’s (with some notable exceptions). The version I heard was from the Past Masters, without the orchestration and most similar to the take in the video.

    2. Radical Face – Junkyard Chandelier
    The guy who was the voice of the barely known indie-electronic Electric President doing his own thing. Kind of twee but there is something I like about his voice and the music is always interesting.

    3. B.B. King and Eric Clapton – Hold On I’m Coming
    Nice little blues/soul song. I particularly like the dueling solos at the end, makes you want to crank it way up in your headphones.

    4. Sonic Youth – Androgynous Mind
    From the 90’s, a bit slower but devolves into feedback and noise in the middle. I rather like it.

    5. Wire – Spent
    Recent song from the old band. Very aggressive. Their last few albums, I have to say, have been as good as anything they had done previous.

    We’ll see how many of these Cris knows!

    1. cleek Post author

      “I tend to prefer John’s songs over Paul’s”

      yeah, same here. Paul has his undeniable talents, but i think John was just a little bit more interesting.

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