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Panic! At the lymph node

The vet did a biopsy on the lump in Trickey’s neck. And his conclusion is: an overactive lymph node. Probably a reaction to an infection somewhere. So, she’s on antibiotics for a few days. If that works, nothing to worry about. If it doesn’t, more tests.

Cancer…. man. What a drag. My wife is a survivor, too. And she knows all about how any little strangeness in the area where the cancer was becomes reason for anxiety.


Crisis averted?

T’s Cells

Last night I was checking out Tricksey’s neck, looking at the place where they shaved her for her radiation treatments, to see how the hair was growing back (very slowly). And just below that, I noticed a big new lump growing under the skin. So, it would seem that the cancer is back? So much for ‘low chance of recurrence’.

And just yesterday morning, while she was hiding under the bed, I told her that she didn’t have to hide because we weren’t ever going to take her to that vet again. Sorry, T.

Optimism is always punished.

Felis Miserabilis

Tricksey is done with her radiation treatments. They’ve stressed her out terribly – not the radiation itself, but the pre-treatment fasting, the drive to the vet, the time in the cage, the anesthesia, the side-effects of the anesthesia that keeps her awake and confused for 36 hours, the days of hangover after that, the fear of me in the morning. She’s stopped grooming herself. She sleeps much more than she used to. She doesn’t purr much anymore.


We postponed last week’s treatment because we wanted to give her a rest, and it definitely helped her. But, yesterday she had to go get that last treatment. And she’s all stoned and miserable today.

But, the doctor says there’s nothing wrong with her, physically.

What a drag. At least it’s over.

Monday Cat Blogging


T now hides from me when I get up for work (under the guest bed, she’s not that good at hiding). She’s learned that sometimes when I get up for work she has to go to the vet.

Telling her that she only has to go to the vet on Wednesdays doesn’t help.


iPhones have this weird little feature that lets you take ultra-short (3 sec) movies instead of taking boring old still pics. They call it “Live”.

I accidentally took a ‘live’ pic while taking a flash pic of Tricksey’s radiation markings.

And then I found an app which would turn that live pic into a GIF.

And now I’m off to learn something else.

Monday Cat Blogging

The radiation beam has to be applied to exactly the right place, so as to avoid over-irradiating sensitive areas like her spine, brain, eyes, etc.. To that end, the vet shaved one side of her face and neck and drew alignment marks on Tricksey’s neck with a Sharpie.

6 Days

Trickey’s CT scan showed no visible signs of the cancer. And the lymph node that looked strange on the scan was normal after the biopsy. This is good news. It’s even better news because it means she doesn’t need the full 19 days of radiation. She will likely be fine with only six radiation treatments, spread over six weeks.

What a relief.

Party Time!

This reduces the chance that she’ll die from lack of sleep!

It should also be much less expensive.