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Mystifies Me

Let’s listen to Ronnie Wood!

Ronnie Wood , Keith Richards , Rod Stewart- Mystifies Me- 1974

You’re welcome.

Say… What on earth is going on with the timing in this song ? Sounds like it’s dropping beats every few bars, but it still seems to flow nicely – doesn’t sound like math rock.


Let’s listen to King Crimson!

You’re welcome.

A rare three-drummer combo!

And, oddly, in the center on keyboards, is Bill Rieflin, who has been a drummer for all kinds of bands, from the Revolting Cocks, KFMDM, Ministry, NiN, to REM and Robyn Hitchcock.

Obscura Primavera

Let’s listen to Can!

Can - Obscura Primavera

You’re welcome!

This was an outtake, recorded 1969. But I’ve never heard it before today.

To my ears, it sounds like the “post-rock” bands from the mid-90s: Sea And Cake, Gastr Del Sol, Tortoise et al.. And in turn, they’ve all heavily influenced my hobby.

Which means this is yet another example of how Can was way ahead of their time.

And the reason I picked Can is because the tune below, which sounds nothing at all like the one above, popped up on Shuffle:

CAN - Hoolah Hoolah