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I walked right out of the machinery

I’ve been on a Peter Gabriel kick lately. Here’s a concert from ’78.

Peter Gabriel – Rockpalast 1978 (full show)

(Solisbury Hill @ 42:00, Lamb Lies Down @ 53:00, in case you’re in a hurry)

Orange construction vest is a big step down from giant flower outfit. But he’s still plenty charismatic.

Check out Sid McGinnis ripping it up on guitar. He’d later go on to become part of the band on David Letterman’s show.

And you can’t listen to Peter Gabriel without digging on Tony Levin’s distinctive bass/stick work. They’ve been together from the beginning. So that got me thinking about Paul Simon, who Levin also played with for a while – hence “Something So Right” below. But, what I was looking for when I found that, was something with Simon and Levin together. Here’s one:

Paul Simon et al. – Late In The Evening

Thus concludes today’s history lesson.

Extra credit:

Your host and Tony Levin.