The Footwear Experiment, Ctd.

Today starts my third week of running in the FiveFingers. I've gone from wondering if it was even possible to run in them, to having a sense of the form I'd need, to being able to force myself into the form, to being able to get into the form and stay there as long as I maintain near-constant attention.

And today? My left hip hurts (which has on and off for years now); left knee hurts (which it's done on and off since I twisted it climbing stairs this past winter); the plantar fascia in both my feet hurt (which usually only happens when I do calf stretches). So, except for shin splints, I have all the things barefoot/minimal-shoe running proponents claim it fixes/prevents.

It could be a matter of still not quite having the correct form, but when I'm doing it, it feels pretty smooth, mostly. I try not to over extend my knees; I try to lift my feet off as quickly as possible; I'm not heel-striking. Plus, I'm extending the distances I run, and feeling somewhat strong doing it. IT only hurts when I stop...

So I'm wondering if I should keep this up, or if I should end the experiment before I really fuck up my lower body.

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  1. Rob Caldecott

    Perhaps you need to consider a lower impact exercise regime? My brother-in-law used to run but he f*cked his knees up and they’ll never be the same again.

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