It Keeps You Running

My fourth time out running with the FiveFingers yields a handful of insights:

  1. I am actually getting used to them. My first two running intervals were nearly comfortable.
  2. As the route wore on, I wore out, and I found I couldn't maintain the necessary form unless I went faster, which was hard to do because I was tired. Hopefully this will become less of an issue as I build running strength.
  3. I ran in the rain today, and even though my feet got wet, I didn't get that mushy, squishy foot feeling; these shoes don't let your toes touch directly, and there's not really anywhere for water to build up between them.
  4. I have no idea how to run downhill. even the slightest decline has me pounding the hell out of my heels. There must be a way to do this besides Damn The Torpedos, I'm Full-out Sprinting Down The Whole Thing!!

I'm still not used to these things. And I'm starting to wonder if I ever will be. But, it's only been a week. I should probably reserve judgment for a bit longer.

2 thoughts on “It Keeps You Running

  1. R-Jud

    I’m not using FiveFingers, but I have switched to low-profile road racing flats since starting back running in May, after the baby. As a result, I’ve been through some similar form issues. This page on POSE running might help you figure out your footstrike.

    My Dad is an NCAA track coach; his colleague in XC has been using POSE with his kids for a few years now with some pretty good success (fewer injuries, etc). Anecdotally it’s working for me, too. No shin splints, no knee problems, which used to be chronic. I am doing about 30-45 miles/week.

    There are plenty of POSE drills on YouTube. I spend the first ten minutes of a run mixing in some drills once or twice a week, and it’s coming more naturally.

    As for hills: you just have to do a kind of controlled fall, and try not to spin your legs too fast, or you’ll wear yourself out (this is what flummoxes people in Boston– they get too enthusiastic on the downhills). It takes practice.

  2. cleek

    it’s too early for me to say if they’ve helped any of my chronic running-associated aches and pains. my plantar fascia still ache a bit (but that’s aggravated by calf stretching, which i’ve had to do more of); my hip hurts a little (but that could be anything); my knees don’t hurt right now, but my ankles do, etc..

    no shin splints, though. that’s a nice change.

    ah. thanks for the POSE link. i’d seen a lot of YouTube vids about POSE, but none explain what the specific drills are.

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