Killing Is The Business

What a terrible centrist.

During remarks announcing new executive actions to curb gun violence Thursday, Biden took a detour as he imagined being able to ask God to immediately change one gun law, and it wasn't eliminating assault weapons or "bump stocks."

He would have the almighty let people sue gun-makers.

“This is the only outfit that is exempt from being sued. If I get one thing on my list — (if) the Lord came down and said, 'Joe, you get one of these' — give me that one," Biden said at a ceremony at the Rose Garden.

"Most people don’t realize, the only industry in America, billion-dollar industry, that can’t be sued, exempt from being sued, are gun manufacturers,” Biden continued.


“He wants to drive us out of business,” Mark Oliva, the director of public affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearms industry trade group, said of Biden. “So it's a very scary proposition, and we take it very seriously.”

Suck it, fucko.

2 thoughts on “Killing Is The Business

  1. wj

    Saying that allowing them to be sued means “He wants to drive us out of business,” is basically an admission of culpability. I wonder if they realize that.

  2. cleek Post author

    nice thing about having powerful friends is that you can say whatever dumb crap you want, and it can’t hurt you.

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