Mystifies Me

Let’s listen to Ronnie Wood!

Ronnie Wood , Keith Richards , Rod Stewart- Mystifies Me- 1974

You’re welcome.

Say… What on earth is going on with the timing in this song ? Sounds like it’s dropping beats every few bars, but it still seems to flow nicely -- doesn’t sound like math rock.

3 thoughts on “Mystifies Me

  1. russell

    the boys, they know how to do the rock.

    the timing is just an extra 2/4 bar before each chord change. it’s a not-uncommon thing, even in not-math rock, but it doesn’t usually happen quite that often in your typical song form.

  2. russell

    kind of a half time feel, though, so probably easier to count it as one bar of 4/4, one bar of 5/4.

    but these guys and this kind of music ain’t about counting, it’s just a regular bar, then a bar with a little something extra tacked on to the end. it’s just a way to make you wait a bit for the chord to change, which gives it a little more weight.

    1. cleek Post author

      it’s super subtle to me. i don’t think i noticed it all until i started trying to learn how to play it. i’m strumming along and somehow i’m changing a beat after they do, then a beat before – messes with me.

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