The Well To Hell

Has frozen over. Or, as least the water lines coming out of it have...

No water for us!

High-tech fix: put a hair dryer under the well cover and let it run for two hours. Fixed!

8 thoughts on “The Well To Hell

    1. cleek Post author

      it magically fixed itself last spring.

      until today, when, after i got the well thawed out, we got more orange water. it’s just a little orange, so maybe it’s only temporary. hope.

  1. joel hanes

    Your hardware store should be able to get you some thermostatically-controlled pipe heating tape.
    Extremely common in the upper midwest.

    1. cleek Post author

      we’d need to get an electrician out there, too. i think there’s just the 220V line for the pump – and no outlet.

      things just aren’t designed for two weeks of sub-freezing temps, down here.

  2. Countme-a-Demon

    Ah, yes, the orange water.

    Wait a durn tootin second here!

    Hold on! I’m brainstorming.

    This is America right? You can make shit up, lie about it, and it will sell like hotckaes in the land of the rubes, amiright? Entire MBA programs are devoted to bringing together the imagined needs of shitheads with the entrepreneurial (have you noticed Americans break into French the moment they come up with an idea for separating your money from you; what’s with that? Maybe Russian will supplant the French) shithead zealots for the exercise of free expensive enterprise) scalliwaginess of our dumshit libertarian betters.

    ump is President. He is the orange something or other. He likes to brand useless crap and sell it to nincompoops. He learned all there is to know about nuclear weapons in 90 minutes.

    You have a well providing orange water. Americans, especially the best and brightest among us, have so much fucking money they’ll spend it on anything if it promises any number of bogus benefits, and we are living in the age of Colossal Bogusilosity, are we not? And the ones who have no fucking money think they just got rich off the rumpublican tax bill and are looking to either tie on a meth opioid bender or find some other way to blow their imaginary windfall.

    Order yourself a hundred cases of mason jars. Create labels with a depiction of ump’s orange coif mushrooming upwards into a nuclear holocaust as the centerpiece. Fill em with yer orange well water. Virgin, untreated to keep overhead underneath. Call it, I don’t know, 100 percent trump juice. Claim it will double their IQs, placing them firmly in double digit IQ territory and reinvigorate the coal industry, piss of we know it’ll libs, and MAGA.

    Charge a shitload per with free shipping. Thank me later.

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