Our well water has been running clear ever since they last hit it with chlorine. The Cl is mostly gone now, and I actually drank some of the water last weekend!

Today was the day the water people were to come out to our house and install a liner in our well, to block the ugly water that's coming in at 90 feet. So, they came out, with the county well inspector this time, to install that liner.

Our checkbook was hiding under the bed, with Tricksey, in fear. This was not going to be cheap.

Well, Mr. county well inspector said "Hey, if you block that water coming in at 90 feet, you're going to block most, if not all, of the water coming into the well. I can't allow you to do that."

Well people are all like, "Well, OK then. Back to the drawing board! See ya!"

And because they opened the well, they had to hit it with chlorine again. So, it's back to being toxic for a while.

This is not going according to plan.