Floor is done!



The particular style we wanted was back-ordered until the end of July (at least), so Mrs chose a different one that was similar in color to the one we had planned to use. I didn't notice. Well, I noticed that the planks were wider on the actual floor than on the samples we looked at, back in December. And when I mentioned that, she told me about her multi-day phone adventure with the flooring people. That was the deal: new house, but she handles all the bullshit. It's a really wide plank (7", I think) and that would normally scare me; wider planks shrink more in dry weather. But because it's an engineered floor there shouldn't be nearly as much, if any, shrinking.

Whatever. Done.

Just a few details left to finish-up : paint fixes, mailbox, a few lights, steps up to the front porch, shelves and counter top on this bigass row of cabinets in the living room:


Soon. Soon. Soon.

2 thoughts on “Flooral

  1. Rob Caldecott


    I wish we’d plumped for engineered flooring. We have one row of planks that will shrink in the winter exposing a noticeable gap and expand in the summer until they are super tight and squeak like a bastard. I think it was a single pack that was somehow defective (we let them acclimatise for over a month) because the rest of the room is fine.

    Still looks better than carpet though.

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